Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Best Bulletin Board (Discussion Forum Software)

I am glad to share the information that, I have used many forum softwares so far and found Mybb is the best among all with very decent features.

Some of the most useful features are

  • Private Messaging : Send and Receive private messages
  • Calendars and Events : Manage multiple calendars and conduct events
  • Email notifications : When new thread opened, send automatic email notification to all users who subscribed to the forum 
  • Reputation : Give ratings and comments to the user posts
  • User Promotions: Promote users based on post count, reputation score
  • Warning System : Warn and punish users when they act inappropriately
  • Mark as best answer : Like stack overflow, Choose the answer as correct from user replies, this feature doesn't exists in core, but we need to install and configure mysupport plugin. 
  • Mass email and newsletters: Send mass emails to the registered users
  • Task scheduling system: Keep your forum always in good shape by running Scheduled tasks behind the scenes 

Have a look at all features