Friday, July 23, 2010

Wordpress Vs Drupal

Hi, here is my view about where to use wordpress and where to use drupal.

# If your application doesn't contain so many dynamic content forms and have to manage some static pages of information and need a bloging system.

It should suitable company portfolio sites and simple to medium level websites.

# If you have multiple dynamic content types (press releases, news articles, blog posts, etc.). Drupal is great at allowing you to create this stuff on the fly, with Wordpress you are hacking things together.
# If your site has more than a two template design structure (homepage and second levels).
# If you have numerous content blocks on the homepage or in sidebars that you will be editing frequently. Drupal’s block system is great at this kind of stuff.
# If you are trying to start small and expect your site to add tons of features/content moving forward.
It should suitable for complex websites which involves so many modules.

How to get driving licence in Andhra Pradesh

The procedure to obtain a Driving License is simple. Follow the below mentioned steps.

Normally this is the process in any State across India. Well, Few Road Transport Authorities (RTA's) could be working as per the local governments periodic regulations.

1. Buy the Learning Licence Forms. These are Form 2, Form 1 & Form 1A(Form 1A is for people aged above

40 years and also depends if your RTA needs it). These forms are available in single click at Copy or Click the following link and try.

2. Once you are done with filling up of forms, find out with the Road Transport Authoritie’s office, if you have to book a slot for your learners license test. In Andhra Pradesh, one has to book the slot and then practice the questions to clear the test. In Andhra Pradesh the slot can be booked at the link below.

Visit :- Delhi) (click on 'online appointment for LL' for Karnataka) (for Andhra Pradesh only)

3. Once the slot is booked, you need to prepare for the online learners licence test which comprises of 20 questions (For Andhra Pradesh). In other cases, walk in to RTA office and pay fee and wait for your turn. The passing mark is 16 where each question carries 1 mark for AP. The number of questions may vary from State to State, however, the questions in this website are the ones normally in the syllabus. In order to practice online you may visit the following link. There are about 250 questions in this website and 10 are free sample learners licence questions. Register to access all the Driving Licence questions.

4. To get a hint on the road signs and the traffic signs go to

For knowing all the Traffic Signs

To know about driving tips etc

5. Once you clear your learners license, you may book a slot for the permanent licence (This is in case of Andhra Pradesh) on the same website as stated above. For other states call the RTA office to find out the availability
of track to be tested for the permanent License. While learning to drive a two wheeler or a four wheeler, kindly keep the road safety and its structure in mind. Read the signs in practical driving test carefully. For further driving tips click on the following links.

Restart live server for your rails application

When you change any modifications in models or configuration files, then changes will not apply in server some times, in that situation you need to restart the server by connecting your hosting server through telnet. Follow the below process

Login through telnet and enter into the application root path
Ex:# ssh
Goto application path
Ex: cd /var/www/
Then run the following commands
# mongrel_rails stop
# mongrel_rails start -d