Wednesday, July 14, 2010

PHP For Android

Hi Friends,
PHP For Android project was launched recently and the complete information available in site in the form of interview with the inventor. The information url:

Free online php code encryption

If you want to encrypt your source to avoid others to modify your code and stealth your code try this one.

Easy Drupal version upgradation

The standard to upgrade your drupal application is download the latest version from and follow the instructions from UPGRADE.txt file.

Some information regarding version upgrade for drupal is avalible here :

And for quality assurance testing find the information here:

Agile method in software development

Agile method is nothing but building software with incremental or interactive work strategies known as sprits i.e building application by involving number of people or teams and push the work into public when considerable amount of work done. And can be able to roll back to any previous version of the application if found any thing wrong or unhappy with the new version of the appliction when some one or team push their work recently.

This approach is the better one when compare to waterfall, or traditional sequential development.In older days A project could be developed much like an automobile on an assembly line, in which each piece is added in sequential phases. This means that every phase of the project must be completed before the next phase can begin. Thus, developers first gather all of a project's requirements, then complete all of its architecture and design, then write all of the code, and so on.

In this scenario, If any thing went wrong in the development stage, can't revert it back and company has spent time and money to create a software that no one wants.

Whereas agile methodology helps a lot to the interactive development mode.

Build IPhone native appliactions with PHP or Ruby code

If you wanna develop IPhone native applications and don't have the time to learn completely new language i.e Objective - C, Now it is possible for the PHP and Ruby developers. By using one third party service you can write code in either PHP or Ruby and build native IPhone application also can use Html and CSS for UI Design.

You can download the source from here :

Other available tools to develop Iphone and wap applications.