Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Website optimization

Hi Friends,
Below urls are very useful for website optimization techniques.


CSS Sprites -

If your web page had lot of images and it will take more time to load all images then you should use one technique called "CSS Sprites" which will load all your common UI images in one request so that your page loads much faster than ever before.

Another technique is place the below tag in head section of your page

Use Firebug and Yslow plugins for Firefox to know the performancd of the page load

Use Firebug for Firefox from a realistic net connection to see a graphical timeline of what it is doing during a page load. This shows where Firefox has to wait for one HTTP request to complete before starting the next one and how page load time increases with each object loaded. YSlow extends Firebug to offer tips on how to improve your site's performance

Access the website with ip address and username instead of doman name when dns was not propagated correctly

After uploded files to hosting server, you need to set the dns to access files with domain name, if you didn't set the dns, you can also call the application as below.

http://ip-address/~username/gallery/ OR http://ip-address/username/gallery/