Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wordpress Vs Joomla Vs Drupal

It is just for blogging systems and few cms pages manage through WYSIWYG Editor without more complex form fields integration.

Wordpress Pros
* Simple to use - No need for modifications
* Excellent for blogging or sharing thoughts in a sequential manner
* Even the most elderly of users can get the hang of it quickly

Wordpress Cons

* Not developer friendly
* The community seems to like to complain
* Upgrades bring more bugs than fixes sometimes

It is for developers and can hand-code the content of your pages than use a WYSIWYG Editor, or if you enjoy tweaking the code that makes up the framework of a website, then Drupal is probably for you.

Drupal Pros

* Extremely developer friendly. If I loved code more I would almost always pick this system.
* Strong community to help discern the dozens (hundreds) of functions and tags available.
* Can be used to create some really awesome websites that can outperform a majority of other sites out there.

Drupal Cons

* Not very designer and user-friendly. It's hard for someone with little code knowledge to make the leaps required to do the very cool things that Drupal is becoming known for.
* Theming of Drupal has been a huge case of fail (until recently). Probably because it has been developers, not designers, that are making the themes.
* Getting a Drupal website published could cost you more time, and thus more money, than Wordpress or Joomla.

It is userfriendly for all type of people i.e designers, developers and admins. Where as it is not so powerful as compare to Drupal.

Joomla Pros

* Friendly for all types of users - Designers, Developers and Administrators
* Huge community is awesome for assisting with creation of websites
* Has been rapidly growing and improving itself for the past three years

Joomla Cons

* Still not user-friendly enough for everyone to understand
* Not quite as powerful as Drupal, and can be a bit confusing for some to jump into
* Recently rebuilt the entire system from ground-up, and so there are still many out there sticking to the old versions (1.0.x)

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