Friday, July 23, 2010

Wordpress Vs Drupal

Hi, here is my view about where to use wordpress and where to use drupal.

# If your application doesn't contain so many dynamic content forms and have to manage some static pages of information and need a bloging system.

It should suitable company portfolio sites and simple to medium level websites.

# If you have multiple dynamic content types (press releases, news articles, blog posts, etc.). Drupal is great at allowing you to create this stuff on the fly, with Wordpress you are hacking things together.
# If your site has more than a two template design structure (homepage and second levels).
# If you have numerous content blocks on the homepage or in sidebars that you will be editing frequently. Drupal’s block system is great at this kind of stuff.
# If you are trying to start small and expect your site to add tons of features/content moving forward.
It should suitable for complex websites which involves so many modules.