Monday, July 5, 2010

Free SVN account from Google

Here are some very quick notes on getting a google svn hosting account set up with eclipse; as google is offering us all such an amazing resource, I have a feeling I'll be doing this again some time whilst working on other projects...

If you already have a gmail account, make sure you're logged in (that way, your repository and your account will be linked).

Start here:
Go to the 'Create a new Project' link and create your project...

Install eclipse if you haven't already (current recent version is 3.5):

Now you need to install the subclipse plugin from within eclipse..
Here are some step-by-step instructions:

Once that's done you should be able to open your repository as a new project within eclipse.

Within the package explorer (the panel on the left if you're in the java developer perspective), right click to get the context menu and go to 'New' and 'Other...'

expand the SVN folder and select 'Checkout Projects from SVN' and select Next

Select the Create a new repository location and select Next

The URL will be:


If you don't use https:// you'll check out the repository as read only

Select (highlight) the folder to check out as an eclipse project (e.g. trunk) and select Next.

Select the check out as a project configured using the New Project Wizard and select 'Finish'

For this exercise, I'm checking mine out as a java project, so I'm selecting Java Project and Next on the wizard box.

Give the Project a name (e.g. myProject), select Finish and OK

Let it check out your project...

You should see something like myProject [trunk] in the package explorer.
You can now right click on the folder and go to New > Folder and create a new folder

When you're ready, right click on the folder you've created, go to the Team context menu and select 'Add to Version Control'; you'll probably need to do this for any new files you subsequently add...

From then, commit will add new changes and update will refresh a stale repository.

One other note: to check out the project, I used my gmail username. The svn password isn't the same as your gmail password though.

I found the password for the code repository (when logged in) here - so hopefully this will help:

NB: I've seen situations where subclipse (or subversion) would keep asking for a password; I managed to stop it from doing this by going into the Eclipse > Window > Preferences, expanding the Team folder, selecting SVN and ensuring that the SVN interface was selection was set to SVNKit (Pure Java).