Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sobi2 Plugin

Joomla sobi2 component. Used to develop website with multiple modules, multiple categories, and subcategories and also create entries (Forms) for end users to submit their data to the site. And admin can manage this data and also the end user can edit his own data. It is very useful for developing sites in joomla.
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PHP Dynamic Timezones Setting

Some queries work well in one timezone will effected in another timezones. Because timezones are varied from server to server. To overcome this problem you can set the default timezone for the site irrespective of the server time by using the below function.


here 'Timezone' is the string for example for setting Indian Standard Time it is "Asia/Calcutta", for Los Angels it is "America/Los_Angeles" etc

Ex: date_default_timezone_set('Asia/Calcutta')

Checkout the timezones list at php.net