Wednesday, November 25, 2009

World's Famous IDE eclipse's support for PHP

If you already installed eclipse in your system then you have to update it for php support. To do so follow the below steps
1. Open the eclipse IDE
2. Then goto menu Help -> Software updates
There you see Two main tabs Installed softwares and Available softwares. If phpeclipse is not there in installed softwares list then check in Available softwares list. If not avaliable there also Then click on Add site and enter below url.
Then that eclipse's update url is added to available softwares list. Check that module and click install. It will take few minutes and install phpeclipse and PDT (PHP Development Tools) to your existing eclipse IDE.
After installed successfully Goto menu Window -> open perspective
and select PHP to start working on PHP Projects.

The process is same to enable any other technologies support in eclipse for developing applications.

If you are not installed eclipse IDE in your system then you can directly install it from the official website